Lights from Space HD


A stunning view of the world at night that depicts the extent and patterns of human settlements across the planet. Satellite image data derived from the NASA 2016 "Black Marble" map is the source for this clear view of how we light up the planet during the nighttime hours. City lights covering the entire Earth are presented in glowing detail allowing you to easily identify urban centers across the globe.

The data used is comprised of a global composite of nighttime observations made in 2016 using the Suomi NPP VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) satellite instrumentation released by NASA in April 2017.

This unique satellite image map is an excellent conversation piece that will look great on any wall. It serves as a spectacular visualization of the extent of the human footprint across the planet. Available variants are World Map,  North America and Europe.

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Earth and People. Ultra-high resolution view of our beloved planet. Processed and mastered in May 2022 by Pablo Carlos Budassi. Original data from Globaiia.

2022 Super High Resolution picture of Earth. Data collected by Russia's Elektro–L satellites, post editing by Pablo Carlos Budassi.

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Disclaimer: While we advocate for humanity to finally turn off the unnecessary illumination for various reasons including climate change, with this graphic, we celebrate a time where humanity left its first visible marks from outside the planet.