We Are (*90%) Star Stuff

   πŸŒŸ When stars die and lose their mass, all the elements that had been generated inside are swept out into space. Then the next generation of stars form from those elements, burn, and are again swept out. 

🍲 This constant reprocessing of everything is called galactic chemical evolution. Heavier than lithium elements were made in a star and if you combine those elements in different ways you can make species of gas, minerals, and bigger things like asteroids, and from asteroids, you can start making planets and then you start to make water and other ingredients required for life and then, eventually, us. 

πŸŽ‡ However, most of our hydrogen (which makes up roughly 9.5% of our bodies) and lithium, which our body contains in very tiny trace amounts, originated from the Big Bang itself so... we are roughly 90% star stuff! 

πŸ’‘ About this graphic: This unique original infographic shows the origin of the chemical elements that make up the human body and the systemic function of each. Last update Nov '2021.

Here is a variant of the graphic including a table of systemic functions and quantity in a logarithmic scale chart:

Zoomable Explorer:

This graphic is also available with your favourite color background:

A variant with all chemical elements' origin without relating it to the human body:

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