Solar System and Our Galaxy

The infographic and artistic work named "OULI" was first published by Pablo in 2012. It is a scheme that shows in the same graphic objects from every scale of the Observable Universe. The way to do this was to locate the solar system in the center and, towards the edges, increasingly reduce the scale to show in detail the farthest astronomical objects and structures we can observe. In 2016 this work went viral among astronomy fans. It was featured in several publications and science museums including NASA apod, Dumont World Atlas, Sciences et Avenir magazine, and Encircling the World exhibition at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In 2020, this work was used as the face of a coin for the Republic of Palau (island country located in the western Pacific Ocean). OULI was also selected to integrate the contents of the "Sanctuary, Eternity for Mankind" time capsule to be buried on the surface of the moon by the ALINA module projected to launch in 2021 on SpaceX Falcon 9.

The Celestial Zoo Astronomical Fauna Explained (2021)

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