OULI Classic (2018)

Even though a more up-to-date and scientifically precise circular map of the universe exists, some people still favor the 2018 version. The 2018 version has a less noticeable redshift on the cosmic web, less warm and natural colors, and a colder and more elegant appearance. Which version do you prefer? We have included all historical versions of the map below for your reference.


An earlier version with a smaller solar system and different cosmic web texture

OULI CLASSIC 2016 (with Scale Bar and Legends)

No Borders Classic Version

Solar System and Our Galaxy

This is the latest version of this infographic and artistic representation of the Observable Universe. It has already been featured in several science museums and publications, including NASA apod 2022, Dumont World Atlas, Sciences et Avenir magazine, and the Encircling the World exhibition at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This work is currently being used as the face of a coin of the Republic of Palau (an island country in the western Pacific Ocean). The We The Curious Museum, Bristol, UK currently exhibits a dome with this image on the ceiling of its astronomy area. Other museums that have featured versions of this image include wndr Museum and the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.
Selected to integrate the contents of the lunar time capsule "Sanctuary, Eternity for Mankind" and sent to Proxima Centauri b in an Active SETI message by the UK radio show Fun Kids and the SpaceSpeak site.
Many things are commented on this image... Most people say it's the eye of the universe looking back at us, making us feel small and humble, or making us feel great and lucky. Lucky to be able to stare at this cosmic beauty. With a bone-deep certainty that in all this diversity we cannot be the only ones!
Note: several books, music albums and singles have this image as cover: Daugter of Time (Erec Stebbins), "Araştırmacı Çocuk" (Turkey), Infinite Density album by Cygnus (USA), "Muy Interesante" magazine (Spain), "Oor Big Braw Cosmos" (John Brown), "An introduction to particle dark matter" (Stefano Profumo), "Regeneration" album by Alex Lupi (Italy), "Uchuu no hate toha nanika?", Nobuyuki Ienaka (Japan), "Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World" book by Phaidon Editors (UK), "Les Cosmiques" book by Didier Laloum (France). Supevoid (Cesar Cabrera), Bassnectar (360º), The Kooks: 10 Tracks To Echo In The Dark vinyl, Deathpact SPLIT PERSONALITY vinyl.

The Celestial Zoo Astronomical Fauna Explained (2021)

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