Milky Way Panorama


We present a high resolution 360-degree panoramic view of our galaxy. 

Welcome to our Milky Way...

Covering the entire southern and northern celestial sphere, this gorgeous starscape serves as the ultimate high-resolution view of the cosmic landscape that surrounds our tiny blue planet.

Using data from GigaGalaxy Zoom project (ESO), and post-processing by Pablo Carlos Budassi we present this new render with our particular style in terms of color and proportions

This unique projection place the viewer in front of our Galaxy with the Galactic Plane running horizontally through the image — almost as if we were looking at the Milky Way from the outside. 

From this vantage point, the general components of our spiral galaxy come clearly into view, including its disc, marbled with both dark and glowing nebulae, which harbours bright, young stars, as well as the Galaxy’s central bulge and its satellite galaxies.

The high resolution image contains 18 million pixels. Data collection and processing credits go to ESO and S. Brunier.

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It's a patchy, pale river in the sky...

This composite image is also available in 3 separate metal prints:
PLATE 1   -   PLATE 2   -   PLATE 3

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